Scenic Drive Closed


~The scenic drive reopened around 2:30pm.

Lines to get into town are extra long, with about 40 minute wait times~


The Zion Canyon scenic drive is currently closed as all legal parking spaces within the Canyon are now full.

There are many other options to visit during the day when  the Park is full, such as the Kolob Terrace, Kolob Canyons, the desert lowlands, east Zion, BLM land, Red Cliffs Desert Reserve, Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Snow Canyon, and more!


Weeping Rock

*Update – the viewing platform is now open*

According to the National Park Service, the viewing platform at the end of the Weeping Rock trail head is closed due to falling ice.

The trail leading up to the platform is open, and the path is clear and dry.


Power Outage

The power has been out from the Holiday Inn Express to the Driftwood Lodge since 10:30pm, 12/25/17.

This was an unexpected outage and crews are working on restoring power. The latest estimated restoration time is 6:30am.

Merry Christmas 🎄

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

We are wishing you a safe and wonderful holiday!

We may not have a white Christmas here, but I’m not complaining! (Sunny and almost 60 degrees)

Get outside and enjoy the beautiful day 🌞

Christmas Eve/Christmas Dinner

Dining in Springdale will be limited tonight and tomorrow for the Christmas holiday.

Most restaurants will either be closed or have limited hours (though some are business as usual).

See the picture below for more details:

Merry Christmas everybody!! 🎄

Walking in Town

*Update 12.27.17*

Now that the single-lane traffic has been shifted farther north in town, along with the major increase in visitation to Zion National Park this week, I cannot fully advise crossing the road at any point to get from the east side of SR-9 in Springdale (where the sidewalks are closed) to the west side of SR-9.

However, with traffic wait times of around 1.5 hours, it’s tempting to walk wherever you go in town. The sidewalk is relatively open and clear on the west side of the road from the Holiday Inn Express to the Zion Prospector rock shop where you would need to cross again by the Desert Pearl Inn.

If you do decide to cross the street, do so VERY CAREFULLY (and at your own risk…).

Be safe out there!

I have had several people ask me today about the best way to get around town next week as they don’t want to deal with the hassles of trying to navigate their cars through the construction traffic.

The best answer I have to this is to walk.

Now, keep in mind that many sections of the sidewalk on the east side of the street are closed. However, the west side of SR-9 still has much of its sidewalks intact.

*east side of SR-9:

*west side of SR-9:

If you are trying to get around town on foot and you are starting on the east side of the road, please be extremely cautious when crossing the road! There are cars, heavy equipment, and uneven surfaces creating potential safety hazards. However, once you are safely on the west side of the street and on the sidewalk, continue to use caution as the cement is damaged in several places.

There are many sections on the sidewalk that coincide with residential and business driveways. In these areas, use caution and watch for cars. Now I know I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but it’s easy to get distracted around here – especially with the extra noise going on around you.

*be extra careful in areas like this one, in front of the Shell gas station:

I easily made my way from the Holiday Inn Express to Oscar’s Cafe today using the sidewalks on the west side of the road. There are definitely places where you will need to walk single-file if you’re walking in a group as there are bushes and trees obstructing the path. You’ll also want to watch for people on bicycles. [Bicycles would also be a good alternative to cars for getting around town – but follow the same safety precautions as above]

Zion NP – news release

*The information below is copied verbatim from an email I received from Zion National Park this afternoon regarding their expectation of high visitor numbers next week*

Zion National Park News Release

December 22, 2017

For Immediate Release

John Marciano (435)



Construction Projects, Traffic Delays, and Parking Constraints Await Holiday Visitors Coming to Zion. 

SPRINGDALE, UT – Holidays are always busy at Zion National Park. However, this upcoming holiday week may be especially challenging due to the road construction on State Route 9 in Springdale, just outside Zion’s main entrance. One-way traffic, portable traffic lights, and flaggers are being used to help vehicles negotiate the construction. Visitors should expect to be stopped up to 25 minutes. Due to the construction, many of the road side parking spaces will no longer be accessible, and both in-town, and in-Park shuttle services will not be running.  

Parking inside the Park usually fills up by 10 a.m. on most days during busy weekends, so visitors are encouraged to arrive early or come later in the afternoon. Please be reminded that once all designated parking spaces along the Scenic Drive are full, the Scenic Drive will close to vehicle traffic until spaces open.  

With colder weather here, be advised that trails can be icy and slippery. Traction devises for shoes, and warm weather clothing are recommended. The Park often closes some of the most popular trails, including Emerald Pools and Riverside Walk, when there is a the threat of over-head falling ice. Remember to hydrate before and during your visit to the Park, regardless of season.  

The Visitor Center will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily, and closed Christmas Day, December 25, 2017. The Watchman Campground will be open to fist come first served visitors. The Nature Center, and the Zion Human History Museum are closed for the winter season.  


About the National Park Service. More than 20,000 National Park Service employees care for America’s 417 national park sites. Visit us at, on Facebook, Flicker, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube

Highlighted Businesses

During my travels today, I stopped at several local businesses trying to provide some holiday cheer. Even though they’re all awesome, I’d like to give a special shout out to the following:

LaFave Gallery

This unique art gallery is located directly across from the Holiday Inn Express. It is open daily from 11:00am-6:00pm. They have some awesome pieces that you won’t see anywhere else, so stop by and take a look!

Park House Cafe

This artsy cafe is open from 8:00am-2:00pm every day throughout the winter (except it is closed on Christmas). It is located toward the South end of town, across from the Silver Bear rock shop.

You can’t miss the bright colors on the outside of this converted house turned restaurant. Once inside, you are met with eclectic, yet thoughtful touches throughout. They use high quality ingredients to create simple and tasty dishes. On a cold day like today, their real hot chocolate with whipped cream really hit the spot! The only downside for me was that they don’t have sour cream 😬< or more information on winter business hours, please check out our Things to Do section and click the link under Local Businesses

Road Conditions

We did see a little snow during the night, after all!

The cliffs did get a dusting of snow and there was some accumulation on the ground – leaving us a lovely, but chilly, winter wonderland!

The road up to Springdale/Zion is clear this morning, with a few icy patches near Rockville.

According the the Zion National Park report this morning, the road on the East Side of the Park is clear, but the switchbacks are icy. See their road conditions report, below:

road conditions