Cliffs in Zion National Park Closed to Climbing – update: Most OPEN as of 8/1/18

Rock-Climbing Closures Zion National Park – last updated 8/1/18

*Update: Most Cliffs are now OPEN to Climbing -Except- Angel’s Landing*

Zion National Park has closed the following cliffs to rock-climbing in an effort to protect the nesting sites of the peregrine falcon – all other cliffs will remain open to climbing (cliffs with a strike through have been reopened to climbing):

  • Angels Landing – Angels Landing climbing route to remain closed until the trail at Refrigerator Canyon is reopened (following damage from floods in July)
  • Cable Mountain
  • The Great White Throne (beyond single and double-pitched climbs)
  • Isaac (in Court of the Patriarchs)
  • The Sentinel
  • Mountain of the Sun
  • North Twin Brother
  • Tunnel Wall
  • The East Temple
  • Mount Spry
  • The Streaked Wall
  • Mount Kinesava
  • Middle Fork of Taylor Creek

(*If there is a strike through, the route is no longer closed)

Information courtesy of Zion National Park dispatch

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