Government Shutdown

The government has shutdown again [at least it’s slow season this time!]

Until it reopens, Zion National Park will be impacted in the following ways: (source: Visit Utah)

Zion National Park


• Zion Canyon Visitor Center, Kolob Canyons Visitor Center and Human History Museum: Closed

• Zion Lodge: Open

• Restrooms: Closed

• Campgrounds: Watchman campground will remain open in the short term, but will close Sunday.

Road Conditions:

• Most roads will be open, weather permitting.

• The Zion-Mt. Carmel Highway may close temporarily for plowing and sanding.

• The Zion-Mt. Carmel Tunnel will be open to large vehicles (11’4” tall or taller, or 7’10” wide or wider) 8:00 am to 4:00 pm only. Vehicles over 13’1” tall and commercial vehicles prohibited.

• Zion Canyon Scenic Drive will be open. Weather conditions may cause the road to be closed above Zion Canyon Lodge. Traffic congestion may also cause the road to be closed if it impedes emergency response.

• Kolob Canyons Road will be open, weather permitting.

• Kolob Terrace is already partially closed.


•  Trails will open as usual, unless there are health and safety concerns in a particular area. Falling ice and slippery conditions are common during the winter. Visitors need to be responsible for their own safety. Traction devices are recommended on most trails.