Road Construction

Road Construction

On their drive to Springdale, visitors will start seeing signs cautioning them to be prepared to stop. This is because phase 2 of the SR-9 Springdale Project is in full-swing. This is a 6 month effort to revitalize the main road through town that accesses Zion Park. It is currently on schedule for completion by mid-April of 2018.

During this time, be prepared for long wait times up to 25 minutes as the road is down to one lane of traffic. In the daytime hours, there are flaggers on both ends of the stretch of active construction, guiding traffic to flow safely through the work zone. During night and early morning hours, there is a traffic light on both ends. For your safety and the safety of other travelers, please wait for the traffic light to turn green before proceeding into the construction zone.

If you are trying to enter the highway from any intersection in the work zone, a best practice is to wait until you see several cars going in the direction you are planning to go and join them when there is an opening. Be patient and wait your turn as there are some areas where there is little to no shoulder for any cars to move over to let another pass.

We locals know how frustrating this construction can be, but we appreciate you being patient along with us during this time!

Some additional items to know about the highway construction during your visit to Zion National Park are:

    • Whenever possible (we know it’s cold!), turn off your engine while waiting in line to help keep the air clean
    • If you plan on walking through town, be aware that there are several sections of sidewalk that are not accessible at this time. Most of the sidewalks on the west side of the street are open
    • No work is planned on Christmas Day or on New Years’ Day. Traffic restrictions will still be in place, however, as it is a single lane road – so pay attention to the traffic lights and the traffic patterns
    • During the Christmas/New Year week, expect extra long wait times! Over the Thanksgiving holiday and the days following, we saw wait times of about an hour. I anticipate that this holiday season will be similar